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  • What is your favourite Poker Room?

    I like CoinPoker, it is basic, but runs smoothly and has no gimmicks.  No HUDs are allowed and the fields are usually fairly weak.

  • What is your favourite poker book?

    Although not strategy books, my favourite books are ‘Life’s a Gamble’ by Mike Sexton, and ‘One of a Kind – The Rise and Fall of Stuey “The Kid” Ungar, The World’s Greatest Poker Player’ By Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson.  I really like reading about the old school stories.

  • Can poker books make you a better player?

    Not necessarily.  They can teach you basic rules, as well as advanced play.  However, translating this effectively to actual play is not so easy.  There are a lot of nuances in place when playing poker.  However, they are a great resource towards developing in poker.

  • Who’s poker books do you like the least?

    Anything that Jonathan Little is involved with.  I find all his books to be extremely basic and he is just stating the obvious.  They might be ok for a complete novice of the game, however if you are an intermediate, experienced or advanced poker player then i would recommend to steer clear of all his books.

  • What is the your biggest disapointment in a poker book?

    Moorman’s Book of Poker, by Chris Moorman.  We all know he is an online crusher, and i was thoroughly looking forward to his book.  However, the book follows a player i have never heard of, playing in a poker tournament and discussing various hands along the way.  Chris Moorman gives his assessment of how he played certain hands.  It was a huge let down for me.

  • What do you prefer; reading or audio books?

    Audio books all day long!