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Poker Book Reviews

Crushing Low Stakes Poker

August 19, 2023

"Crushing Low Stakes Poker" stands as a beacon of guidance for poker enthusiasts looking to navigate the often turbulent waters of low stakes games. Authored…

Robert Alexander
Poker Book Reviews

Poker Strategy

August 19, 2023

"Poker Strategy: 3 Books in 1" offers an insightful and comprehensive exploration of the strategic dimensions of poker, making it an invaluable resource for players…

Robert Alexander
Poker Book Reviews

The Mammoth Book of Poker

August 19, 2023

"The Mammoth Book of Poker" is a captivating anthology that takes poker enthusiasts on an enthralling journey through the game's multifaceted history, strategies, and tales.…

Robert Alexander

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  • What is your favourite Poker Room?

    I like CoinPoker, it is basic, but runs smoothly and has no gimmicks.  No HUDs are allowed and the fields are usually fairly weak.

  • What is your favourite poker book?

    Although not strategy books, my favourite books are ‘Life’s a Gamble’ by Mike Sexton, and ‘One of a Kind – The Rise and Fall of Stuey “The Kid” Ungar, The World’s Greatest Poker Player’ By Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson.  I really like reading about the old school stories.

  • Can poker books make you a better player?

    Not necessarily.  They can teach you basic rules, as well as advanced play.  However, translating this effectively to actual play is not so easy.  There are a lot of nuances in place when playing poker.  However, they are a great resource towards developing in poker.

  • Who’s poker books do you like the least?

    Anything that Jonathan Little is involved with.  I find all his books to be extremely basic and he is just stating the obvious.  They might be ok for a complete novice of the game, however if you are an intermediate, experienced or advanced poker player then i would recommend to steer clear of all his books.

  • What is the your biggest disapointment in a poker book?

    Moorman’s Book of Poker, by Chris Moorman.  We all know he is an online crusher, and i was thoroughly looking forward to his book.  However, the book follows a player i have never heard of, playing in a poker tournament and discussing various hands along the way.  Chris Moorman gives his assessment of how he played certain hands.  It was a huge let down for me.

  • What do you prefer; reading or audio books?

    Audio books all day long!

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Casino News

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